William M. Floyd
Artist name: KingPop
Born: September 30, 1982



Art actualizes emotion in the soul of the viewer … A poet does it with words … A
musician does it with music … And a visual artist does it with imagery. Comprised
with Surreal thoughts and a wealth of ambition that is infiltrated throughout this urban
metropolis of Atlanta and its highly acclaimed pop culture. William M. Floyd, more
commonly known as KingPop is the impetus that depletes all facades through his
creations. In only a succinct amount of years this young man has caused a since of awe
within the Arts. Currently, he brands himself within the community as the featured
artist in Atlanta’s most social environments such as: Allied Visions, 255 Tapas Lounge,
Lucky Lounge, Atlantis (Little five points), Flirt Restaurant & Lounge, Café 290, Uspace
Gallery, Historic Beauty Shoppe Museum, Prospect Gallery, Aspen Furniture (Discover
Mills Mall) and other venues of fashion and home ornamental establishments. Also, Mr.
Floyd is active in several charitable organizations such as: 100 Black Women, ARCA
Aids Research, and Aniz Research.

At the age of seven King Pop began to nurture his purpose as a Visual artist along
the Tar hills of Goldsboro, North Carolina. There after he embraced his passion for
Art, and he decided later to embark on a journey of academia in the arts at Saint
Mary’s in Minnesota. King Pop later finished at the Art Institute of Atlanta receiving
a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design this is also where he began his artistry empire
King Popular Design. Although many are influenced by his work there is also some
admiration from which King Pop is inspired such as Andy Warhol and Van Gogh.



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