Inspire yourself to Inspire others: KingPop New SkateBoard Design are Stupid Crazy……

Ok here goes nothing…….I start this art blog with the idea that it would be the place where I would share my  visual talent with the world. But with the release of my new Independent book titled “All Together” my passion for creative writing  could not be greater. I have many more stories that I want to share with you about my life experiences. Today was a day of creation for me. My life as a full time artist/designer/author has its up and downs, mostly ups considering I that have the ability to operate during hours of my liking (All Day and Night). I’m looking to reach new markets and offer new services that I haven’t before. My mind wonders and roams like cellar phones on the country side during a storm. The ideas have already been written and sketched but still my mind wonders. My focus remains as a child looking for excitement during the most climax educational moments. Soon, I gather my thoughts and following through with my goals and plans. The out come is extremely gratifying and as natural of a high that no simulation or stimulation is needed. Today I bring to you a new medium which I will began to explore. All my SkateBoard B’s holla at me KingPop has not forgot about you……. buy my book and other collects items at   follow me on twitter @kingpopdesign and facebook me…..Kingpopart……thanks for you continued support…….


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