William M Floyd Aka KingPop releases new independent book titled “All Together”














This book is dedicated to my mother Gloria L Thomas,   

It is additionally dedicated to my belated brother Jermaine Dorrel Thomas my sister   

Cheribum Jamel King and the entire Floyd family   



I want to welcome you all into my life as a businessman, father, bother, cousin,son, designer,author,artist,role model, and educator. The making of “All Together” took almost two years to complete. Initially it was going to be a collection of poets along with my illustrations. I learn quickly that when bringing people together for something of this nature there can be confusion. So I took it upon myself to make it a solo project…….Im pleased to bring you a collection of work from some of my most personal and intimate moments through imagery and creative writing. Here is some of what you will get inside the book…….  

The truth   

 It saddens me To think of


 An image 

 A place 

 In my mind in my heart  

 A place of  


 Of disbelief 


 Black is somehow 

The color of the scene of history  

History which doesn’t exist  

In the eyes of 

 The greats  

 The classics  

 Where is our place  

 Was it ever created 

Am I just a mad man 

A man of no family values  

A man of destruction  

With no morals  

Or feeling for  

human life 

The truth  

Is the place 

 Not in the human eye 

The eye of the  


The historian 





Get you copy here: http://kingpopulardesign.com  or  

http://kingpopatl.bigcartel.com   Thanks fo you support. 


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