My Life Time

Hey young world….its been a min since I’ve talk to you. I just want to take a momment to reflect on this pass year. Well I would like to start off by saying thanks to my friends and family for sticking by my side. This year has been a year of growth and maturity both personal and business. I have learned that the two should not mix, but can co exist. Focusing on your goal at hand is extremely important when reaching for your dreams. If you pay attention to your work ethics and maintain a leveled life style it will give you an opportunity to excell.  I really would like to go in to further detail but my blog was created to keep you informed about my life as an artist and designer not a bio. But I felt the need to share part of it with you because you have embraced me this pass year. I want you to know that you can expect much more from me in 2011…..starting with the release of my spring graphic t-shirt line……stay tuned right here for the latest…..peace.


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