Learn How I Earned my Stripes as an Visual Artist.

Its has been an extremely interesting and testing journey towards success and establishment. As an artist and creative mind my goal has always been making others visualize my ideas through many concepts and different approaches. Early on as a kid I wanted to show my work to other people to see what type of response that I would receive. Many of those responses were good but there were also several others that were not so great. Lets just say I was really personal with my creativity. But like a budding spring flower I would soon see the light at the end of the tunnel. My tunnel was surroundings of urban scenes and life lessons that layered me for what was to come. Images of great leaders like Martin Luther King Jr, JFK and Michael Jordan were people I noticed being immortalized in history. Hustlers, Ball players, and number runners were close influences that shaped my train of thought. But history is what I wanted to be a part of. Around the age fifteen I would begin that journey of chancing it. The next move that I took was pivotal to my education,  growth as a man and future entrepreneur. I left what was familiar to me as a child and stepped outside of my comfort zone. When I arrived in Georgia I knew that my life would change forever. I begin communicating with different backgrounds and it felt right. I was on my way to a new life that offered great rewards. In the mean time I would have to learn how to stay in touch with love ones  and close friends from my pass. Meeting new friends was awesome. The transition from old to new would enable me to unlock my mind in a way that would be key to my success in the Marketing and Art Industry. The moves continued to snow ball from high school,  to college, to university, to institute, my knowledge continued to grow. Fashion and Design, Ideology and Fine art and finally Graphic Design where areas that I longed to experience interaction within a community. A community of like minds. Minds that think outside of a community that they grew up in or was trained to follow in to a world of  space and opportunity for those who reach out. Reach out across the world, across the states, across the counties, across the districts and lastly across your mind. Now here I am, Business Owner, Marketing SEO analysis , Graduate, Farther and son. I continue to reach across the line to expand my ability to think outside of what I already know.

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