Pop Culture Clothing Release Date april 2011

Since 2003 King Popular Design has brought you the latest in fine art and design in Atlanta and surrounding metro areas. We have done work of Hip Hop Icons such as Kanye West, Jay-z and Run DMC. We have also created work of the top 100 Bill Board Pop Artist which are always available at one of our POS locations. Over the years we have designed for clients like Mitsubishi Electric, Proctor and Gamble and Waffle House. Our goal has always been to create house hold brands that change with the time while delivering quality products and services. Well in 2011 we have decided to do it again, Pop Culture Clothing official release date April 2011. Our line up for the spring collection will start off with College Drop Out which was inspired by Kanye West. There are three other collection that will be released and all reflect the innovative designs that you have grown to hate and love. King Pop who is based out of Atlanta has created Pop Culture Clothing directly from original paintings of Prince, Drake, Run DMC, Elvis, Kanye West, and many other influential artist such as Andy Warhol, who is the god father of Modern Pop Art.  “Our Mistake Turn into masterpieces” KingPop 2009 Art Institute of Atlanta press. My dream has always been to create a clothing line that everyone can talk about and enjoy. While attending College I worked at retail stores like Neiman Marcus, Belks and Nordstrom which are all great store to learn about clothing and great service. But now its a new day to view things a little different from a designers perspective I’m excited and eager to share my overall dream of bringing art, design, and a quality product to you. Get a quick glance of what to expect here….. http//:popcultureclothing.com Apparel and Home Decor…….


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