KingPop live @ L5P “The World In Color” directed By Ben Styles

King Pop Live

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KingPop Live in Little Five Points during a cool fall evening. As I start my day as every entrepreneur should I prep myself for success. Alright do I have my merchandise……#popculltureclothing #kingPopfineart #Alltogetherthebook….Check…..Next I look over to my crafts to make sure I’m ready to create at any time……brush…acrylic paint by Winsor & Newton and paint markers by sharpie……canvas by Winsor & Newton….check…..Finally I check my closet for my A hat can’t forget my Swag……Check… then its off to Little Five Points a place that always inspires me to continue to do my job. Enjoying life as a creator, Artist, Designer, Author and the rest I just allow to unfold naturally, real organic by all means…In the center of the square is where several hustlers/entrepreneurs gather to share their merchandise….both legal and illegal…..As I take my place in the scene I begin to paint a portrait or the greatest performer of our time Micheal Jackson and sale to clients, as a fellow by the name Ben Styles approaches me with interest of my work and style of art. The conversation leads to photos being taken and live footage being captured……Life as an artist has had several great moments just thought I would share a snippet of one of mine….KingPop


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