Changing Lanes

My moment of truth starts here. With developing information on life evolving changes I have learned how to change lanes. My life has been extremely interesting from a child to my early adult years. My wisdom has grown with my surroundings. Knowledge has given me a new outlook on life. Brick walls, confined room space, neighborhood violence were not enough to keep me away from a life that has freedoms. How your mine to Change Lanes. Is you lane moving to fast?or Slow. Is it educating you?or clogging your brain. There are many question that I ask myself when I awake each morning to again a moment of truth. Deciding to walk or speak in such a way that it perceived as educated or leading is my life. But with my new understanding serving has become my new road to success. It seems clearer now because I can breathe easy, my thoughts are open, my heart pumps blood I alive. The moment has come for me to rise to levels that are attainable because they are in front of me. There are no barriers just new lanes that forces you to raise you level of thinking. Enlighten me, so I can enlighten you. Share your world with me, and I shall continue to share my world with you. My time has come because there is no better time than now. It’s your time to, so what are you going to do? The choose is your, Look back and change lanes and continue to move forward.



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