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Over the past 7 or 8 years I have had the opportunity to meet one or two, lets just say a few talented visual artist. These artist pride themselves with there work and carry great honor to the #Artmovement as a hold. The art market in Atlanta is an extremely competitive market but these individuals have found their niche. I have done shows with all of these artist and notice each of them move their audience by stimulating them visually. I would like to introduce these very talented artist to you if you don’t know them you will soon.

Corey WhiteHead

Whitehead, was born and raised in Joliet, Illinois. As a young boy, he often watched his father masterfully craft portraits fusing the brilliance of color with everyday life; from the simplicity of the flowers in park, to the buildings and common places that could be seen in the distance. He became fascinated with the beauty his father captured in the simple things. That fascination would later fuel his passion and desire to draw upon art as a means of reflecting true emotion and defining his creativity. He began with simple pencil drawings, and naturally evolved as an artist using various techniques, tools, and styles, including graphic design. Artist C. Whitehead’s unique artistry can be seen on Tyler Perry’s television show “House of Payne”. Throughout his career, he has worked with some of Atlanta’s most prestigious and respected talents such as R&B/Gospel singer, Kelly Price. In addition, he contributes his time to assisting worthy causes by working with non-profit organizations as the featured talent for fundraising and charitable events where he combines artistry with the art of giving. Corey has created custom pieces for the Herndon House, a national historic landmark, the Ethiopian Orphan Relief Foundation, and Sisters of Faith, where he sits on the board lending his time and effort in the fight against breast cancer.

Sam Renaissance

Samuel Renaissance emerged as a viable visual artist in the year 2000. Having always been a masterful illustrator, a fellow artist and mentor advised him to begin painting his urban motif on canvas. After exhibiting his work at several juried exhibitions for Fulton County Arts Council and City Gallery East, he began to take his work door to door to small and large Atlanta companies and social arenas. In 2001 one of Atlanta’s premier law firms, King and Spalding purchased “All Night” a 24”x 38” oil painting, one of the first examples of his “Urban Renaissance” series.

Samuel is a native New Yorker. He was first introduced to fine art in high school at New York’s most prestigious high school of the arts, La Guardia.  After high school he decided to take another career course by studying business at Talladega College in Alabama. In the summer of 1994 he joined “AmeriCorps” a program for national and community service. Here he began to express more of his creative abilities as an art coordinator by teaching his art curriculum “Wreckshops” to children in the various programs centered in the projects of New York.

Samuel says, “The primary goal of my art instruction is for the student artist to become cognizant of their own creativity and the ability to express it.”

Samuel has taught his art curriculum in several community based centers and private schools in New York City and now Atlanta, GA., while perfecting his craft through his own experience. He studied fine arts and creative media at F. I.T. (Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC) and Atlanta College of Art. Since the first major purchase of his work, he has been featured in the National Black Arts Festival, Sesame Street Episodes, and prominent Atlanta law firms like Kilpatrick and Stockton. He can be spotted at cultural hubs like Castleberry Hills Art District in Atlanta or Union Square, NYC.

His work has been said to have its own voice and engages the observer in deep examination. Some say it’s abstract or surreal, but Samuel’s fascination with urban American architecture and vivid southern color has developed his own signature works and creative series and is building a growing core group of followers, and buyers. He certainly is a sure asset to the modern culture of expression.

Sean Gladden

Hiecue (pronounced High Q) is more than a name it’s an experience. Hailing from the south side of Chicago, IL, this self taught mixed media artist’s passion for urban realism while staying true to his craft bleeds on the canvas of all of his work.

Born Sean Michael Gladden, Hiecue’s journey into the world of art was no coincidence. The progeny of parents who too are artists, his gifted hand were earned honestly; a genetic trait divinely bestowed upon a young man whose thirst for a creative outlet began to rear its head at the formidable age of 6. His father would be his first introduction into the world of sketch art. Developing his own comic book characters, Hiecue’s father used the walls of mother’s basement to sketch a tale of life as a young man on the rough and rugged streets of the Southside of Chicago. A story staring himself, this initiation into the arts using the world as the canvas would influence Hiecue’s later work.

In school he would find himself utilizing classroom desks and bathroom walls as blank slates to which he would sketch his renditions of Marvel Comic characters. But it would be his years in high school that would define his style and craft, evolving from a mere defiant adolescent to a graffiti artist. Hiecue joined a group of fellow graffiti artists who dubbed themselves CAB (Chicago and Beyond, 312, Creative Artistic Bombers). In their quest of “All City” domination Hiecue and his clan would battle against other taggers for artistic street credibility. His name would become etched in stone as others of his elk saw that his moniker in use did not fit his style. He coined Hiecue as a play on the concept of high quality. Tagging all of his graffiti with “Think 720” Hiecue felt the need to set his work apart from the rest imploring that those who view his art think twice and outside the circumference of the mundane and ordinary.

His tenure as a graffiti artist marked a point of evolution as he saw how graffiti could be transformed into a respectable art form and suitable for travel. His passion for his craft led him to Atlanta where he taught himself the technique of airbrushing. He made the connection between graffiti art and airbrush fabrication, trading aerosol cans for an airbrush, needle and stencil. From airbrushing Hiecue moved to canvas utilizing similar graffiti techniques of the aerosol can but incorporating detail through the use of charcoal for sketching and acrylic paint for detail and texture.

Hiecue’s artwork can be seen in such places as the Salt Work Gallery, the Linden House and on the walls of the Apache Café, one of Atlanta, Georgia’s premiere performing arts venue and lounge. His ever growing clientele include the likes of conscious rap group Dead Prez, Al B. Sure and a host of professionals and art connoisseurs.

Defining moments in his career would be those in which people who once could not afford his work, over time were able to come back and patronize his efforts with the purchase of original work. These pivotal exchanges mark the marriage of one’s gift and passion making room for ones self. With aspirations of one day taking his self taught artistry to the classroom, Hiecue recognizes that the future of the arts rests with the youth. Using his own life as testimony, he can relate to the notion that some acts of defiance are simple attempts for artistic expression that only need proper nurturing.

The future is bright for this urban “PicasSoul.” Telling the tale of the streets though paint, Hiecue splashes love, loss, joy, pain, sensuality and strife causing all those who look upon his work to think twice and set aside their preconceived notions of what art should be and replace it for what it is. This is the world of Hiecue.


William “KingPoP” Floyd is taking the world by storm as the forerunner in pop culture art. Not since Warhol has an artist been able to capture the spirits of pop culture icons on canvas in such bright, vivid colors. His attention to detail, as well as his ability to project the raw essence of pop-culture through colors and lines, sets Floyd in an artistic class all his own.

Growing up in the rolling hills of Goldsboro, North Carolina, William Floyd had an early appreciation for the therapeutic quality of painting. By age seven, he was channeling his surroundings and emotions into colorful depictions. As a toddler, Floyd’s surprisingly deep voice earned him the nickname Poppa, which was later shortened to Pop. In an ironic twist, that nickname hinted at the core of Floyd’s artistic inspiration, and would become the foundation for his brand.

While attending the Art Institute of Atlanta, William “KingPop” Floyd continued to hone his talents as both a painter and a designer. Locals and visitors alike took notice of the artist’s ability to create unique artwork while saluting the rich history of pop culture. In 2003 Floyd began touring the east coast, creating a name for himself while earning a Bachelors of Arts degree in graphic design. Tremendous buzz followed the artist everywhere he went, and prompted him to establish a brand. Thus, KingPopular Design was born. Atlanta’s rich history and heavy influence on contemporary pop culture combined to create the perfect environment for Floyd to base his operations, and he quickly became a prominent artistic figure on the east coast. With an ever increasing client base ranging from the United States to the United Kingdom, William Floyd is indeed an international trendsetter.

In addition to custom portraits and pop art, Floyd is also a renowned graphic designer. He has designed websites, logos, and marketing materials for a wide range of clients including Neiman Marcus, Mitsubishi, Waffle House, and Proctor and Gamble. Sought after for his intelligent designs and artistic perspective, William Floyd is a true graphic artist.

In his self-published book “All Together”, Floyd combined poetry, paintings, and personal insights to inspire readers and art lovers alike. Released in 2010, the book epitomizes coffee table literature, and further showcases the artist’s diverse abilities.

With the introduction of his PopCulture clothing line, Floyd has elevated himself and his art empire to new heights. The marriage of his supreme artistic talent and graphic design prowess gives birth to a truly unique and personal line. Offering custom T-shirts and Jackets with exclusive KingPopular designs, fans can now take the artist’s most popular designs with them wherever they go.

William Floyd has shown himself to be a heavyweight in the pop art world, and his territory is vastly expanding. He is a painter, a graphic designer, a published author, and a philanthropist. Now, with the introduction of PopCulture clothing, Floyd has earned the title of true entrepreneur. However, his dedication and drive make him more than just another artist. Floyd transcends the often stuffy constraints of the art world, engaging on-lookers with his charm and genuine joy of life, which also comes across in his work. With a wealth of knowledge and creative drive, there is no telling what Floyd will do next, but you can be sure it will pop!

Mister Friday

Travis Mack

It is my task as an artist to bring to you the best art that I can possibly achieve on
canvas, board or paper. Whether it is through acrylics, oils, pastels, pencil, pen, charcoal,
and graphite all of my work will carry a level of excellence. I bring years of knowledge,
training and experience, along with understanding the basics and continuous study of the
human figure. Studying the four basic shapes, contrast, perspective, volume and mass,
with the human figure will improve any artist on any level. The hand, eye, heart and
mind must work as one. When someone looks at my work I want the viewer to aw and
then reminisce of a time, place, or event. As an artist it is my job to make you believe.
Travis Mack.

Craig Henderson


This Brooklyn, NY native, who currently resides in Atlanta, GA, is dedicated to using his works of art as an expression of the imagination without limits. “I never create when I’m under pressure” is the artistic credo that Craig is committed to living by. He is, at heart, a nonconformist whose independent approach to the creative process fosters his unique brand of art. One look at his polychromatic designs and you are immediately transported to a world where bold forms and vibrant colors are explored without boundaries. When creating his one-of-a-kind pieces, Craig retreats into his own little world where restrictions and outside influences can’t reach him and he doesn’t surface until every ounce of feeling and emotion is transferred to his design.

Judging from the number of his pieces that are in personal collections around the country, as well as the numerous magazine articles and reviews that have been written about him, Craig’s many fans have responded positively to this transference of artistic energy. It’s this feeling of unbridled creativity that causes anyone who sees his work to embark on a wild ride of limitless possibilities, at the end of which, you feel totally liberated from rules and convention. When asked how he is able to use his imagination to make us feel so free, it’s not surprising that he simply shrugs his shoulders and says “[i]t’s imbedded in my DNA. I’m supposed to be an artist.”


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