Pop Culture Launch Party

Pop Culture Clothing Launch party was a huge success. Over 150+ top trendsetters and tastemakers came out to support KingPop and his launch of Pop Culture Clothing. Since 2003 KingPop and his passion for art and fashion has exclusively been ground breaking. With over 200 painting in his personal archives KingPop has managed to create the Pop Culture brand from exisitng designs from various collections that date back to his childhood beginning. Pop Culture clothing launch party included a live band, live Dj, bloggers, radio station personalities and many other industry professionals. “It has been a great opportunity to launch Pop Culture Clothing which was a dream from his childhood” The energy among the atmosphere during the launch party was inspiring, entertaining and educational all at the same time. On April 17th Pop Culture clothing became a part of American History with the establishment of  William M Floyd better known as @KingPopDesign Pop Culture clothing.  Quickly distributing his brand to stores located in Atlanta: Coposhi’s located in Buckhead, FlyKix and House of Adrenne located on Petter, Vinnie Styles located in little five. Early success has always been a signature approach for KingPop’s brands. “Our strategic product placement brand recognition always us to break through the industries norms to create a new avenue for artist, designers and creative minds to collectively develop a brand that can stand the test of time.


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