PeopleTV Fashion Show

     Anticipation and excitement fills the long hallways of PeopleTV studios on a rainy Friday evening.  Tall, beautiful, and slender models from all walks of life prepared to showcase the colorful, vibrant fashions of Pop Culture Clothing designed by William “King Pop” Floyd.  A backroom in the studio is transformed from a boardroom to a hair and make-up station.  Talented hair stylist Noir Patterson worked diligently to complete each model in time for a practice run through.  Make-up artist extraordinaire Bobbie Smith provided distinct, eye catching looks that exaggerated the female models natural beauty.  Models slowly filled the dressing room to try on the authentic and trendy fashion pieces handled by fashion stylist Ressie G. 

    Each original piece was designed for a young, hip, trendsetter in mind.  King Pop was all smiles as he observed models practicing runway walks before the live show broadcasting.  The television station represented a milestone for the world of Pop Culture Clothing.  Over a millionAtlantaviewers were given the chance to witness William “King Pop” Floyd’s vision come to life.  Lights! Camera! Action!  




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