I’m just doing my thang

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Yo I’m really starting to put this whole artist thang together. Wowwww……the life of a real live artist……support is everything and is what I have been getting since day one from each and every person who has ever stop and stared, bought, blogged or critiqued my work. These days I’m just doing my thang. Bright colors, lines, and negative space with texture seems to be my formula for success. If you guys haven’t cracked the code, there you have it. Funny right…..its amazing, some of the things that you experience as an active artist…..like someone coming up to you and telling you that they blew you business card up and made a poster out of it because you had great!!! art on it or someone mentioning that they brought a certain print from you awhile back……all things that I have experienced time and time again…..I like sharing those things with other because I don’t take them likely and I’m humble enough to say it feel great to receive that type of love. I’m going to continue to perfect my craft and bring you life to an image. Again thank you for your support and when you get a chance check out my online store http://kingpopatl.bigcartel.com I have several prints available and oh yeah shipping is free….. If you have not started your KingPop collection now is agreat time….peace


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